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Our Guestbook Archives!

The following guestbook messsages were submitted to our old guestbook when this webpage was started. They were lost when updates were made to the guestbook by the oringial site. Unfortunately not all messages were found but I hope that one or two of the following messages may offer some help to you.

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Name :   Jerry D. Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :    jmalone@wtaccess
Comment : I'm looking for information on Malone in Texas. My great Grandfather was James L. Malone of San Marcos, texas.
Posted: Oct. 22, 1998

Name :  Robert Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :
Comment : Trying to find connection to the Malone's in Indiana. Jacob Malone was my Great Grandfather born July 13, 1854 died Feb. 13, 1913. He was married to Mary Archer born April 28, 1850 died Dec. 27, 1915. That is all the information that I have and as far as I can go back on.
Posted: Oct. 21, 1998

Name : Crispin Vessell
Surnames: Malone, Stell, Harbin, Boone, Taylor, Beck, Swaney, Roberts, Britt, Surls, Vessell, Pursley, and Stubbs
Email :
Comment :  I have a very extensive Stell Database file. We are related to the Malone Family through Robert and Susannah Malone.
Posted: Sept. 29, 1998

Name :   Marcye Malone Davies
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :
Comment :  I'm looking for information on William Malone, married to Susannah Shuttlesworth. He was born in 1821 and lived in Virinia. Any information on his Grandparents, parents or anything would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: Sept. 28, 1998

Name :  Brendan
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :
Comment :  My Grandfather came from Dundalk, County Louth. His name was Francis Malone and he lived on the Dublin road. He had four sons and two daughters: Barney, Paddy, Frank, Jim, Molly, and Peggy.
Posted: Sept. 27, 1998

Name :  Laura Eileen Jarvis
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  
Comment : My Grandmother was Eileen Malone. Her father was Smiley Malone. I believe that either he or his father left their family in Ireland and came to America to save up money to bring them over. However instead he re-married and left his family behind. I would like to find this family because we are family and I would like learn about my heritage. My Grandmother lived in Southern Ohio wher she met and married my grandfather Emmett Clyde Jarvis. My Grandmother was also a poet. Unfortunately she died in the mid 1980's. She has a twin sister who was named Irene Malone. She married and her last name is Murray now. However, I don't Know if she is alive anymore. My grandmother was born in the early to mid 1920's.
Posted: Sept. 19, 1998

Name :  Tracye Malone Prewitt
URL :  
Surnames: Malone, Parca, and Burgamy (VA, GA, SC, and MS)
Email :
Comment :  Looking for Daniel Malone born in VA in 1780 and died in Lawrence County, MIss. He was married to Rebecca Parca born 1798 in GA. I want to find their Ancestors. Also the wife of William "Buck" Malone a Martha Burgamy born in 1822 in South Carolina and died in Holmes County, Miss. Thanks! Tracye
Posted: Sept. 9, 1998

Name :  Carolyn Malone
Surnames: Malone, Sartin, McFarland, Delahoussaye, Collins, and Davis
Email :
Comment :  Hi Fran, nice to find I'm not the only one researching Malone's. I've found very few (to few). I'll be checking back from time to time to see what you've added. Come and visit my site to check if any of the names I have look familiar to you. Best of Luck, Carolyn
Posted: Sept. 13, 1998

Name :  Molly Mclaughlin
URL :  
Surnames: Malone, Sansom, and Wallace
Email :  
Comment :  Primary research is in Georgia, South Carolina, Virginia, North carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas
Posted: Sept. 3, 1998

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I hope that this old, but "new", information is a help to those of you that visit this site.

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