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Catherine (Forestier) Menard

Born: c.1630
Mervent, Poitou, France
Father: Jean Fortier
Mother: Julienne Coiffe



Married Jacques Menard
November 19, 1657
Trois Rivieres, Quebec
Children Marguerite Menard
Marie (Menard) Bourdon
Jean-Baptiste Menard
Louis Menard
Maurice Menard
Jean dit Bellerosem Menard
Marguerite Menard
Jeanne Francoise Menard
Marie Ann Menard
Catherine Menard
Marie Madeleine Menard
Theresa dit Lafontaine Menard
Jacques Menard
Died March 31, 1694
Buried Boucherville, Chambly, Quebec
Birth Certificate NEED
Baptism Certificate NEED
Marriage Certificate NEED
Death Certificate NEED

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