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Celine Olive Theatise Bovat Beauvais

Born: January 21, 1875
Highgate, Vermont
Father: Philip Peter Felix Bovat Beauvais
Mother: Ozait Ozithe Minor (Menard)



Brothers William Bovat Beauvais
Joseph Levi Bovat Beauvais
Joseph Levi Bovat Beauvais
Louis Narcisse Bovat Beauvais
Joseph Cyprien Bovat Beauvais
Alfred Jeremie Bovat Beauvais
Eli N. Bovat Beauvais
Sisters Rose-Anne Bovat Beauvais
Delena Emma Bovat Beauvais
Ozitte Elizabeth Bovat Beauvais
Cordelia Pauline Bovat Beauvais
Adelena Catherine Bovat Beauvais
Delphiis Bovat Beauvais
Education If attended it would be more than likely the Highgate School System.
Married Thomas B. Desrosiers
Feb. 18, 1895
Highgate, Vermont
Children Lizzie Dell Desrosiers
Gladys Ruth Desrosiers
Shortly after the marriage of Thomas and Olive they moved to Amherst, Massachusetts where they resided until 1901. After Olive died Thomas returned to Highgate, VT with his daughters and made arrangements with relatives for the girls to stay with. It is not clear to where Thomas went went after this and he does not reappear in Vermont until the 1920 Census. At the time of his death he was living in Boston with his daughter Lizzie Dell Calevro at 5 Valentine St.


Died May 19, 1901 in Hampshire County, Amherst, Massachusetts
Buried In the Catholic Cemetery, Highgate, Vermont
Birth Certificate In our records - from Swanton Church Records Page 112
Baptism Certificate                  In our records- from Swanton Church records page 112
Marriage Certificate NEED
Death Certificate NEED
Naturalization Papers N/A
School Record NEED


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