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Francois Marc Bourdon

Born: September 25, 1754
Lavalatrie, Quebec
Father: Marc Antoine Bourdon
Mother: Josephyte Vigneaux



Brothers Marc Toussaint Bourdon
Sisters Marie Josephe Bourdon
Marie Agathe Bourdon
Married Marie Gertrude Dalcourt
January 15, 1776
Lavalatrie, Quebec
Children Francois Bourdon
Marc Bourdon
Pierre Bourdon
Joseph Bourdon
Marie Josephe Bourdon
Louis Bourdon
Marie Louise Bourdon
Agathe Bourdon
Antoine Bourdon
Michel Bourdon
Salomon Bourdon
Therese Bourdon
Louis Bourdon
Birth Certificate NEED
Baptism Certificate NEED
Marriage Certificate NEED
Death Certificate NEED

Information was received from Frederick Bourdon the Author of "Jacques Bourdon 7000 Descendants and ancestors" and the Latter day Saints Family Search site.

Updated: Sunday, May 19, 2002 11:31 AM

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