Annetta Maria (Chiaravalli) Vanetti

Born: April 24, 1871
Casale Litta, Varese, Milan, Italy
Father: Angelo Chiaravalli
Mother: Angela Fidanze
Brothers Charles Chiaravalli b. 1872 d. Unknown
Sisters Josephine Chiaravalli b. 1881 d. Unknown
Mary Chiaravalli b. 1893 d. Unknown
Married Francisco Natale Vanetti
January 16, 1891
Inarzo, Varese, Milan, Italy
Children Ersilia Vanetti b. Aug.      1892 d.     Unknown
Artus Vanetti b. Aug.      1894 d.               1918
Angela Louise Vanetti b. Feb. 26, 1896 d. Apr. 10, 1991
Alphonso Vanetti b.                1901 d.                1918
Artus married Della Derosia on Nov. 24, 1916 and died in 1918 due to a flu epidemic. His brother Alphonso and his father died from the same epidemic. His sister Angela married Frank O'Reilly Dorsey and moved to Michigan. The status of Ersillia is not known.
Died July 25, 1951
Buried Hope Cemetery Section H in Barre, Vermont
Birth Certificate NEED
Baptism Certificate NEED
Marriage Certificate NEED
Death Certificate NEED
Information recieved from the Latter Day Saints Family Search site, Ellis Island Records site, the 1900, 1910, and 1920 census reports, and rootsweb.

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