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Name :  Tabatha Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :    tmalone1@webtv.net
Comment :   I have information on Malone's from Texas to California.
Posted: October 9, 1999

Name :  Shellhunter
URL :  www.geocities.com/Heartland/Woods/6044
Surnames: Malone
Email :  shellunter@geocites.com
Comment : I 'm a Malone, I have some of our Family line on my home page if you would care to look. I enjoyed your page very much, however, I have gone back in our family history enough yet to know if we are speaking of the same Malone line or not. I'm still learning how to find info for the genealogy lines. Keep up the good work, I will be back to Check on your updates. Have a nice day.
Posted: October 9, 1999

Name :  Barbara McGirr
URL :  
Surnames: Malone and Wilson
Email :  bsmcgirr@cybertrails.com
Comment :  I'm searching for Malone's and Wilson's in the PA area around Hollidaysburg and Altoona in the 1860's on. Sure are hard to pin down some of those wild Irishmen.
Posted: October 4, 1999

Name :   Nancy Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  cnsrvtv1@gte.net
Comment :  I'm the daughter of Richard Malone and Granddaughter of John Malone
Posted: October 3, 1999

Name :  Alexandra Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  malones@ns.sympatico.ca
Comment :  Thanks, this site was helpful for finding the meaning of my name.

Name :  Patrick A. Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  pat@2pmgraphics.com
Comment :  I'm looking for information on Drury Malone Sr. I have information on his son Drury Malone Jr., his son Jones Malone, his son William J. Malone, his son Francis Marion Malone, his son James Luther Malone, and my father Paul C. Malone. Please email me if you have any information.
Posted: Sept. 13, 1999

Name :  Addison Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  Captain_Atticus@hotmail.com
Comment :  I noticed that all your references made toward the Malone name talked about County Kerry. I was just wondering if there were two sets of Malones or were you not aware of a lot of Malone's originating in County Cork. Please write back.
Posted: Sept. 6, 1999

Name :  Miriam Anne Plack
URL :  www.paonline.com/mplack
Surnames: Malone
Email :  mplack@paonline.com
Comment :  I'm researching my grandmother Annie C. Malone. I believe her mother's name was also Annie. She was born Jan. 29, 1857 and she died on April 24, 1935. She married Frederic Reinhard and four children, Harvey, Cora, May, and Clara. Fred died from Typhus contracted at the Johnstown Flood where he was helping with the cleanup. They lived in Altoona, Blair County, PA. Any links out there?
Posted: Aug. 25, 1999

Name :  David Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone, Husted, Dovel, King, Morrill
Email :  dmalone_99@yahoo.com
Comment :  Update: searching these surnames prior to 1880 in SE, Nebraska, just found a small book of lineage in grandmothers possessions after death of father. Any help greatly appreciated.
Posted: Aug. 19, 1999

Name :  Michael Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  mgmalone@hotmail.com
Comment :  It was nice to see the references to my families history, but I would like information on the county Wesford Malone's and why they are from a different sept to the rest.

Name :  James Joseph Brown
URL :  Our Malone Family came from County Louth, Ardee Parish. They settled in Illinois and then two brothers John and Matthew came to Kansas in 1879. Both raised large families. Matthew married twice. His first wife is unknown and his second wife was agnes boes. One daughter by the first marriage, Mary, married a Peter Burg. Would like the name of the first wife and any children of Peter and Mary Burg. Just had a family reunion in May, here in Kansas and another one is scheduled for May 2000. Brown came from Belfast and served in the American Revolution. He had at least two sons Robert and Andrew. I can trace families to Robert born in 1791 in South Carolina. Contact me for more information.
Surnames: Malone and Brown
Email :  jamesjosephbrown@usa.net
Comment :  
Posted: Aug. 10, 1999

Name :  Bernie Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :   pjcom45@aol.com
Comment :  Searching for any information on Malone's from Philadelphia, especially Patrick Malone alias William Patrick Malone who arrived around the 1860's.
Posted: Aug. 7, 1999

Name :  James F. Malone III
URL :  
Surnames: Malone
Email :  mftn@bigfoot.com
Comment :   Need help, looking for past Malone relatives from Missouri
Posted: July 31, 1999

Name :  Rhonda G.
URL :  
Surnames: Malone, Bryce, Hamilton, and Lawson
Email :  DRDR105@aol.com
Comment :  My Great Grandfather was George Washington Malone born Nov. 26, 1861 in Canton, Adams, Illinois. He died Nov. 28, 1931 in Norman, Oklahoma. He married Flora Isabelle Lofton on Nov. 26, 1886 in Nebo, Pike, Illinois. Have children trying to match him (George Washington) to parents. Thank you.
Posted: July 6, 1999

Name :   Michelle Malone
URL :  
Surnames: Malone, Hogan, Dwyer, and Harris
Email :  sinnfein@gateway.net
Comment :  I'm beginning to research my family history and know very little about my ancestors other than what my grandmother told me in the 1960's. I'm also a graphic artist and I would like to compile and publish a brief history on the Malone Family History in the future. I would appreciate any help that can be given, thank you.
Posted: June 21, 1999

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