Malone Births
Chicopee, MA

Obtained from micro fiche Chicopee Public Library Chicopee, Ma



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Child Date Parents
Nancy Jun. 15, 1850 Timothy and Elizabeth Malone
Johanna Oct. 5, 1852 Patrick and Mary Malone
John May 5, 1854 Patrick and Mary Malone
Elizabeth Sep. 3, 1854 John and Mary Malone
Ellen May 15, 1857 William and Ellen Malone
John Apr. 4, 1861 Thomas and Catherine Malone
Timothy Sep. 1, 1861 Thomas and Johanna Malone
Maurice Apr. 14, 1875 Maurice and Catherine Malone
Catherine Jul. 18, 1876 Maurice and Catherine Malone
Matthew Jul. 18, 1878 Maurice and Catherine Malone
Johanna Dec. 8, 1879 Maurice and Catherine Malone
James May 11, 1882 Maurice and Catherine Malone
Honora Jul. 29, 1885 Maurice and Catherine Malone
The following births are the grandchildren of William and Elizabeth (Connor) Malone Who lived in Rahannane/Ventry, County Kerry, Ireland. Their son William emigrated first and married Catherine Boland in Chicopee, Ma. Patrick emigrated in 1880 and married Ellen Kennedy in Chicopee, Ma. The above births and parents could be related to William and Patrick but it has not been confirmed at this time. The marriage of Maurice and Catherine took place at St. Patrick's Church in Chicopee a couple of months before William and Catherine's marriage. The father of Maurice is listed as MATTHEW MALONE IN IRELAND.
William Jul. 25, 1875 William and Catherine Malone
John Dec. 17, 1881 William and Catherine Malone
Thomas Jun. 23, 1883 Patrick and Ellen Malone
Maryann Jan. 6, 1885 Patrick and Ellen Malone
Ellen E. Oct. 29, 1887 Patrick and Ellen Malone
William Sep. 25, 1889 Patrick and Ellen Malone
Ambrose Jul. 30, 1890 Patrick and Ellen Malone

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