The Malone Surname


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History of the surname:

Although Malone is a genuine O name, being in Irish O Maoileoin (meaning descendant of the follower of St. John), it is never met with in English with its prefix. The Malones are an ancient sept, associated with the O'Connors of Connacht, and their principal family was for centuries associated with the Abbey of Clonmacnois, to which they furnished many abbots and bishops, for Clonmacnois was for a time an independent see before being united with Ardagh. Rev. Professor John Ryan, S.J. pointed out to me that the alleged close connexion of the O'Malones with the O'connors of Connacht did not exist, being the result of a pedigree which was a forgery. For the suggestion regarding the origin of the Malones of Co. Clare see Muldoon. Unlike most old Irish septs its modern representatives are not found in any considerable numbers in the territory of their origin: Counties Clare and Wexford - in quite different parts of the country - now have more Malones than other areas. The Clare Malones are probably descendants of the Clonmacnois sept, but the origin of those of Wexford is obscure. The Rev. Sylvester Malone (1822-1906), author of the Church History of Ireland, was a Clare priest. Another notable priest of the name was Rev. William Malone (1586-1659), Superior of the Jesuit Mission to Ireland. Three Malones sat in the Parliament of 1689, three served in King James II's army in Ireland and eight were attainted after 1691. One family of Malones was outstanding in the eighteenth century in Ireland. They had conformed, but were nevertheless prominent in their advocacy of Catholic emancipation. Anthony Malone (1700-1776) was Chancellor of the Exchequer; his brother Edmund Malone 91704-1776) was an Irish M.P. and judge, and the latter's sons were noteworthy - Edmund Malone (1741-1812) as friend of Johnson, Boswell etc. and Shakespearian critic while Richard Malone (1738-1816) was another prominent Irish M.P.



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