Malone Births
Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Obtained from St. Mary's Church records- Dingle, IRE



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Child Date Parents
Bridgett Feb. 1, 1829 Patrick and Mary (Sullivan) Malone
Mary Feb. 22, 1829 John and Ellen (Moore) Malone
James Sep. 20, 1829 William and Mary (Moore) Malone
John Jul. 12, 1835 William and Mary (Moore) Malone
Mary Mar. 21, 1830 Patrick and Catherine (O'Sullivan) Malone
Lawerence Apr. 18, 1830 John and Catherine (Bryan) Malone
Mary Apr. 7, 1832 Thomas and Johanna Malone
Ellen Oct. 21, 1835 Thomas and Johanna Malone
Johanna Oct. 15, 1832 Michael and Mary (Dunleavy) Malone
Francis Dec. 26, 1836 Michael and Mary (Dunleavy) Malone
James Jan. 15, 1833 John and Ellen (Murphy) Malone
Johanna Nov. 12, 1837 John and Ellen (Murphy) Malone
Ellen Jun. 15, 1833 Patrick and Elizabeth (Leahy) Malone
Mary Oct. 1, 1836 Patrick and Elizabeth (Leahy) Malone
Thomas Jun. 16, 1833 John and Mary (Brien) Malone
Johanna Jan. 19, 1834 James and Elizabeth (Coholene) Malone
John May 31, 1834 Patrick and Johanna (Sullivan) Malone
John Sep. 15, 1834 Patrick and Elizabeth (Connor) Malone
Bridgett Feb. 26, 1837 Patrick and Elizabeth (Connor) Malone
James Apr. 29, 1835 John and Catherine (Brien) Malone
Catherine Feb. 26, 1836 Patrick and Mary (O'Sullivan) Malone
Nicholas Sep. 8, 1836 Michael and Mary (Kevans) Malone
This is a list of births that were found in the books at St. Mary's church in Dingle and forwarded to me by Patrick Lynch the clerk at the church. Like the marriage records from Dingle these are probably relatives but they haven't been confirmed as such. There were 17 Malone familes in the Dingle/Ventry area prior to the Potato famine and at least 12 to 15 emigrated to the states or Canada. My family stayed on through the famine and a few others did also. I am told that all the Malone's were related to each other. If anyone recognizes the above names please give us an email. St. Mary's Church is located on Green St. in Dingle.

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