Malone Births
Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Obtained from St. Mary's Church records- Dingle, IRE



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Child Date Parents
Patrick Aug. 31, 1851 James Kevane and Ellen (Malone) Kevane
John Aug. 31, 1851 Thomas Connor and Mary (Malone) Connor
William Jan. 21, 1853 John and Johanna (Bowler) Malone
Mary Dec. 23, 1855 John and Johanna (Bowler) Malone
Johanna Jun. 5, 1859 John and Johanna (Bowler) Malone
Mary Nov. 22, 1857 William and Elizabeth (Connor) Malone
Thomas May 20, 1860 William and Elizabeth (Connor) Malone

The John Malone and William Malone listed as father's to the above children are brothers. William and John are from Rahanane, Ventry, County Kerry, Ireland.

The following births are from the Latter Day Saints family search site. These are Malone births recorded as Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland. They are not part of the St. Marys list of births that were submitted to me by Patrick Lynch, the clerk at the church.

Child Date Parents
John May 14, 1797 John and Mary (Shea) Malone
Catherine Sep. 1, 1802 John and Honora (Fitzgerald) Malone
Patrick Sep. 18, 1803 John and Honora (Fitzgerald) Malone
James May 30, 1805 John and Honora (Fitzgerald) Malone
Edmund Feb. 27, 1816 John and Bridgett (Connor) Malone
Mary Jun. 28, 1834 Patrick and Catherine (Mahony) Malone
Denis Mar. 10, 1835 Patrick and Catherine (Mahony) Malone
John Nov. 26, 1836 Patrick and Catherine (Mahony) Malone
Elizabeth May 12, 1838 Patrick and Catherine (Mahony) Malone
Patrick May 16, 1839 Patrick and Catherine (Mahony) Malone
Bridgett Mar. 14, 1841 Patrick and Catherine (Mahony) Malone
Thomas May 5, 1864 William and Mary (Shea) Malone
Ellen Feb. 26, 1865 Thomas and Honora (Leehey) Malone
John Dec. 14, 1865 Maurice and Kate (Shea) Malone

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