Malone Marriages
Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland

Obtained from St. Mary's Church Records

This is a list of Marriages obtained from Patrick Lynch who was the church clerk at St. Mary's in Dingle. St. Mary's is located on Green St. in Dingle

William Malone and Mary Slattery
July 18, 1821
William Malone and Mary Moore
March 4, 1824
John Malone and Ellen Moore
Feb. 15, 1825
John Malone and Betty Granfield
Jan. 17, 1826
Thomas Malone and Johanna Malone
Feb. 25, 1827
John Malone and Catherine Brosnan
Apr. 13, 1828
John Malone and Ellen Murphy
Feb. 25, 1830
Patrick Malone and Elizabeth Leahy
Feb. 8, 1831
Patrick Malone and Johanna Sullivan
Feb. 15, 1833
James Malone and Betty Coholane
Feb. 2, 1834
Michael Malone and Mary Kevans
Feb. 8, 1836
Johanna Malone and Maurice Cleary
Feb. 16, 1855

The following marriages are recorded on the Latter Day Saints Family Search site and are listed as Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland.

Johanna Malone and James Shea
July 2, 1796
John Malone and Mary Shea
July 2, 1796
Elizabeth Malone and John Shea
July 27, 1797
John Malone and Honora Fitzgerald
Aug. 30, 1800
Patrick Malone and Catherine Mahony
Jan. 17, 1833
Ellen Malone and John F. Sealy
Aug. 26, 1837


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