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  A to Z of Irish Genealogy - An alphabetical index of genealogy websites in Ireland.
  Aughaboe Tithes, County Laois - Information and links pertaining to Laois County which
  Aughaboe Parish, County Laois - Information and links pertaining to Laois County which was known as Queens County.
  Allen County Public Library - The second largest collection of genealogy sources in the United States. Check out information on state records, international records, and researh topics.
  Ancestry's Social Security Death Index - A search tool used in researching a deceased ancestor.  A data base of over 60 million names are in the index.
NOTE - Social Security Numbers were first issued to workers who qualified before January 1, 1937 and not everyone that died is listed.
  Boston Public Library - The Microtext Department, which is listed under the Library Dept. & Services, has genealogy information that can be of help, particulaly if you are searching for someone in the Boston, MA area.
  Ballyferriter Genealogy - The Catholic Parish of Ballyferriter (or Ferriter) is located on the Northwestern tip of the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, on the Southwestern coast of County Kerry. It consisted of the Civil Parishes of Dunquin, Dunurlin, Marhin, Kilmalkedar, and Kilquane which together covered an area of nearly 64 square miles. Along with the rest of the Peninsula, it fell into the Barony of Corkaguiny (Corca Dhuibhne), as well as the Dingle Poor Law Union. Today the area lies within the Gaeltacht Corca Dhuibhne, one of the few remaining Gaeltachtai, or areas in which the Irish Language is still in everyday use. From this site you can see the townlands, the parishes, and the people who lived there. A very helpful site for those who have County Kerry Ancestors.
The Calevro Family Website - The Calevro Family was from Massa Carra, Italy.  They came to the United States in the late 1800's.  One brother settled in Barre, Vermont and the other brother settled in Stuebenville, Ohio.  This website is put together by those in Ohio.
  Celtic Folklore - Books with Stories of Irish Fairies and Ghost told by selected Storytellers. The book Irish Tales of Fairies and of the Ghost World by Jeramiah Curtin has several stories told by John Malone pertaining to Ventry, Rahanane Castle, and the people of the area. John Malone was the brother to Willam Malone born around 1825.
Connors Genealogy - This website is a free site with tons of data including naturalizations, directories, cemetery transcriptions, surname registries, Ireland land records and census records and it gets updated on a monthly basis. 
  Clann Osiochru Website for Sugrue. Sugrue is the anglicized form of the Gaelic Osiochfhradha. The "O" signifies "decendant of" and "Siochfradha" is derived from the Norse personal name Sigefrith. There are 86 Clann name variations.
  Cullinan Website - Check here for your Cullinan heritage. An Extensive research project done by Author Michael Cullinan for Cullinan researchers
  Dedicated to Carol Middleton, an artist and a Genealogist who compiled information on Malone and associated Families. - The site is dedicated to Carol Middleton who passed away on September 20, 2000. She had compiled an enormous amount of information on the Malone's in the Southern States and the families that are assoicated with them. While her site was still in place alot of her records were saved to text thanks to and now in her memory I would like to keep her work working for you also. I referred to her work on several occasions and exchanged emails with her also. You will find the Malone information in Chapter 60
  Department of Veterans Affiars-National Cemetery Administration Website - The National Cemetery Administration honors Veterans with a final restting place and lasting memorials to commenorate their service to our nation. Click on the nationwide gravesite locator to find your veteran. You might locate your Great Grandfather and might find that your Great grandmother is buried there also. The site will also help any Veteran's who are looking for information on their benefits. Just click VA Home Page for it to bring you back to the VA site.
  Desrosiers of America Database - Site created by Gilbert Desrosiers that has information for Desrosiers researchers.
  Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland Genealogy Helper - A site hosted by Mary of Orlando. This site hopes to help those researching on the Dingle Peninsula.
  .Dingle Peninsula - Explore the Dingle Penninsula in County Kerry, Ireland.  Information about regions and history are available to all visitors. Also included are Heritage, Culture, and Tourism.
  Ellis Island - Between 1892 and 1924 over 22 million passangers came through Eliis Island.  Search the ships passenger lists.
  Family Search Site - Search for you ancestory using the Latter Day Saints database.
  GenForum - The largest and most complete online genealogy resource.

Information Wanted: The Boston Pilot - From October 1831 through October 1921, the Boston Pilot newspaper printed a “Missing Friends” column with advertisements from people looking for “lost” friends and relatives who had emigrated from Ireland to the United States. This extraordinary collection of more than 31,438 records is available here as a searchable online database, which contains a text record for each ad that appeared in the Pilot.     Chances are you could find one of your Irish ancestors in one of the advertisments.
Boston College’s Irish Studies Program provides this online search tool.

  Irish Ancestors - Published by the Irish Times on the web. This site is an extensive genealogical guide and resource for anyone interested in their heritage.
  Irish Family History Foundation - A large collection of materials from all of Irelands 32 counties.  There is a fee for this service.
  Kennedy and Malone Kings of Blackface Comedy The Vaudeville circuit supplemented the pubs and the neighborhood gossip circuit as the popular entertainment of the turn of the century. Black Face Minstrels were also called Hamfat Men because they would blacken their face with a mixture of Ham Fat.
  Laois (Queens) County, Ireland - Information and links pertaining to Laois County which was known as Queens County. The information comes from the website and could be helpful to anyone looking for ancestors in this county.
  Library of Congress - Access the National Archives & Records admnistration, State Vital records, Social security Death Index, and the US GenWeb Project.
  Link Ireland - Helpful links in Ireland. Includes county breakdowns, music, and more.
  Malone Family Of Jackson Ohio - The family website of David Malone. Contains information about his direct line.
  Massachusetts State Archives - The Massachusetts State Archives holds vital statistics, births, deaths, and marriages in the state of Massachusetts for the years 1841 to 1910. The Archives has index books for the records. Each index volume includes five years and the names are sorted alphabetically within each five year period.
  Michael Malone Biography - The Biography of Michael Malone research by Colin Malone. This information might be a help to Malone researchers in Ohio.
  National Archives and Records Administration - Check out the genealogy page for infomation on the records held by the archives and the addresses of the 13 regional archives that are open to the public.
  National Archives Ireland - Securing the preservation of record relating to Ireland through public archives.
Program de Recherche en demographie historique - This is a comprhensive site of Quebec French-Canadian Genealogy, a look at the population of Quebec befor 1800. Email me if you require assistance.
  Southern Scripts - This is a personal genealogy page which seems to have links to the Botts Family in Ohio
Rebecca's Family Genealogy  - Mine & my husbands family trees, genealogy, history, suename. Also offers link pages, downloads photos and more.
  Rootsweb County Kerry Page - A good site for those researching County Kerry, Ireland. This is another site hosted by Mary of Orlando, with contributions by many others that include research and online records.
US GenWeb Project -  Includes a group of volunteers working to provide internet websites for genealogical research in every county and state in the country.
Ventry, CO. Kerry IRE - Ventry is the village of our ancestors.  Located west of Dingle, it's suroundings are ideal for a peaceful, relaxing, holday away from the city. 
  Vermont in the Civil War - George G. Benedict's, Vermont in the Civil War. A History of the part taken by the Vermont Soldiers and Sailors in the War For The Union, 1861-1865.
World GenWeb Project - Attempting to answer the growing needs of genealogists world wide. 
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