James Shugrue


Holyoke, Mass.


     James Shugrue was killed instantly Sunday at "DEAD MAN'S CURVE"- bewildered by trains.
     James Shugrue 74 of 214 Lyman Street was struck by 306 sound (South) bound Boston and Maine passenger train near the Ice House immediately North of Prospect Street at 1:45 o'clock yesterday afternoon and his body was literally ground to pieces.
      Shugrue was coming from the river with a pair of oars over his shoulder and was awaiting the passing of a North bound freight train before crossing the tracks toward his home. The approaching passenger train was not observed nor heard because of the freight train, and Shugrue walked directly in front of the passenger engine.
      It was utterly impossible even to slacken the speed before the body was crushed into a shapeless mass of flesh and bones. Hardly a bone in the body was ot broken. A stretcher was obtained and the remains were carried to the station where the train was due at 1:48 o'clock. the train was in charge of conductor Frank Newton and Charles Ellis was the Engineer. So many fatalities have occured at the point where Shugrue was struck that is is known as "DEAD MAN'S CURVE." It has well earned the title.
      Medical examiner Frank Holyoke viewed the remains. Following the inspection, the body was removed to Hobart's Undertaking Rooms on Maple Street. Shugrue had a large acquintance in Ward 4. He was a laboror, but had not worked steadily for some time. He leaves two sons and four daughters, all residents of holyoke. The funeral was held this morning.

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