Lizzie Dell Derosiers

Born: Jan. 3, 1896
Highgate, Vermont
Father: Thomas B. Desrosiers
Mother: Celine Olive Beauvais



Brothers Unknown
Sisters Gladys Ruth Desrosiers
Married Arthur Vanetti
November 24, 1916
Highgate, Vermont
Arthur died in 1917
John Calevro
December 26, 1918
Highgate, Vermont
Children Victoria Lucia/Vanetti
Victoria's birth certificate has parents as Lizzie Dell Derosia and Arthur Lucia. The marriage certificate has Arthur Vanetti marrying Lizzie Dell Derosia. John Calevro gave Victoria the last name Calevro after marrying Lizzie Dell in December 1918
Residence Shortly after the marriage of her parents they moved to Amherst, Massachusetts where they resided until 1901. After her mother Olive died in 1901 her father Thomas returned to Highgate, Vt. with her and her sister Gladys and made arrangements with relatives for the girls to stay with. Lizzie Dell was raised by her Aunt Lena (Beauvais) Bachand and Gladys was raised by her Uncle Joseph Cyprien Beauvais. It is not clear to where Thomas went after this and he does not re-appear in Vermont until the 1920 Census. At the time of his death he was living in Boston with his daughter Lizzie Dell Calevro at 5 Valentine St.
Died October 27, 1967
Buried Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
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