Artus Vanetti

Born: August 1894
Casale Litta, Varese, Milan, Italy
Father: Francisco Natale Vanetti
Mother: Annetta Maria Chiaravalli
Brothers Alphonso Vanetti
Sisters Ersilia Vanetti
Angela Louise Vanetti
Married Lizzie Dell Derosia
November 24, 1916
Highgate, Vermont
Children Victoria Lucia/Vanetti
Victoria's birth certificate has parents as Lizzie Dell Derosia and Arthur Lucia. The marriage certificate has Arthur Vanetti marrying Lizzie Dell Derosia. John Calevro gave Victoria the last name Calevro after marrying Lizzie Dell in December 1918
Died 1918
Buried Hope Cemetery Section H in Barre, Vermont
Birth Certificate NEED
Baptism Certificate NEED
Marriage Certificate NEED
Death Certificate NEED
The name Desrosiers was later change and spelled as Derosia

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