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Name :   Taedy O'Rourke
URL :   
Email :   taedyo77@hotmail.com
Comment :   hey im taedy orourke and im 14 years old. i live in NFLD canada but i was born in dublin, ireland. i searched my name on the web and i couldnt seem to fine anyone with the same name. i found this site and i was wondering if you had any idea as to what "ta

Name :   Ron Pyle
URL :   Gadj.tripod.com/ronpyle/
Email :   piguy@goldrush.com
Comment :   Looking for descendents of Richard Malone born in Ireland 1735, married Rebecca Hartley.

Name :   Nick Malone
URL :   
Email :   mnhusker85@aol.com
Comment :   i would like to know more about my family.

Name :   Patricia Malone
URL :   
Email :   malone1@midmaine.com
Comment :   Interesting site. Doubt any of it relates to my family, saw no names I recognized , but enjoyed it just the same.

Name :   Joseph Malone
URL :   www.homestead.com/themalonefamily
Email :   xphilacop@yahoo.com
Comment :   Another Malone, just surfed in!

Name :   Fran Malone
URL :   
Email :   fran_malone@yahoo.com
Comment :   I would just to thank you for dropping by the website and hopefully you have found something of interest as well as something to help you. Over the past two years we have hit it lucky on the French Connection and that is why more and more French names are

Name :   Paula Malone Steffan
URL :   
Email :   mas21260@aol.com
Comment :   Thought we might have a connection since I have Malone, Carroll, & Flaherty in my tree. My line is from Rathangan, Co.Kildare. Enjoyed your site.

Name :   Kel
URL :   
Email :   CherriMonkey@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hey daddy...why aren't Terry and I on your web page?!? *sniffles* I am feeling unloved! Joey gets to be on the page...definately not fair! Have fun in Spain!!

Name :   Brandon Malone
URL :   
Email :   hotstuff_69_86@hotmail.com
Comment :   Hello From the Kansas Malones.

Name :   Maggie Rea
URL :   
Email :   bobandme@gte.net
Comment :   Am looking for info on Allen Bent Malone my gf, married to Charlotte Miranda (Texas). Any help is appreciated. :-)

Name :   Miguel Desmond Malone
URL :   Myfamily.com/Malone family in South America
Email :   miguelmalone@netscape.net
Comment :   Just Browsing by and so this page. We Malone have ties to IRELAND. My Grandfather came to live in ARGENTINA, his brother and sister stayed in Ireland. Both Teddy and Marjorie have died some years back, had no children. So the only link to our family

URL :   
Email :   paulgmalone@ftnetwork.com
Comment :   

Name :   Matt Malone
URL :   
Email :   
Comment :   i would like to know more about where my family originated from and more about malone's in america and australia

Name :   james malone
URL :   
Email :   jay1979cliff@hotmail.com
Comment :   I'm from the Malone family living in the Kensington area of liverpool. Do you know jimmy,lilly (both sadly deceased), janet etc from that area. Would like to know any information anyone has of information of the origin of the family name. thanks

Name :   Eugene Joseph Malone, Jr.
URL :   
Email :   gmalone@san.rr.com
Comment :   Raised in Baltimore, MD. currently live in San Diego, CA

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