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Name :   Malone Family Directory
URL :   www.geocities.com/fran_malone Has been moved to malonedirectory.tripod.com
Email :   fran_malone@yahoo.com
Comment :   A test, to see if this page works

Name :   megan malone
URL :   
Email :   malones@telusplanet .net
Comment :   

URL :   
Email :   CUSTER444@AOL.COM

Name :   Layton E. Malone
URL :   
Email :   Smmrn@winco.net
Comment :   Looking for Info

Name :   Michael Malone
URL :   
Email :   mcmalone33@hotmail.com
Comment :   This is a great web page. My name is Michael Malone and I live just south of Boston Massachusetts. I am doing some family history. Anything that you could tell me would be great.

Name :   Brian Sutton
URL :   
Email :   bksfish@hotmail.com
Comment :   I found your site very interesting and a bit coincidental. I have the names Malone and Lang in my past and I was born in Massachusetts. I haven't quite made it to that level in my search, but generally; I have a James and Jane Malone in Nova Scotia @185

Name :   Chuck Malone
URL :   
Email :   chuck_malone@juno.com
Comment :   good site

Name :   David Southern Malone
URL :   
Email :   davidmalone007@MSN.COM
Comment :   I enjoyed reading this information. Thanks

Name :   James Malone
URL :   
Email :   maja5@erols.com
Comment :   I am just starting to investigate the genealogy of the Malones and discovered your website through a search. I will be back in touch.

Name :   nancy j. cook
URL :   
Email :   nannypoo1@hotmail.com
Comment :   one of my g-fathers, was a THOMAS J. MALONE,he died in mayfield ky area in l934. I don't know a lot about him, but would like to.

Name :   John E. Malone
URL :   
Email :   johnelvis40@hotmail.com
Comment :   

Name :   Ruth Ann Malone Hurley
URL :   
Email :   clasmommom@aol.com
Comment :   Trying to find more info. on my line of the Malone family. My Father was Harold Eugene Malone 1880-1959. Born Somerset Co. MD, died in Wicomico County MD. His father was Alexander Malone 1848-1913, wife's name was Sally 1849 and supposed to have died prior

Name :   April Malone
URL :   
Email :   rbonnar@sympatico.ca
Comment :   Found your site very interesting, I would like to see more Canadian sites though.

Name :   Eddie Malone
URL :   
Email :   eddie@crescentpark.freeserve.co.uk
Comment :   Great site and wonderful to see so may people who share my surname which is relatively rare in the U.K.. My family originate form Co. Kildare but have links with Co. Offaly .My father is Irish and was born in Kildare but I was born in Manchester U.K.A fin

Name :   Tim
URL :   
Email :   boltman@compaq.net
Comment :   Nice site, looking for Malones from Greenville ,Tenn. Area Grandfather.. John Andrew and his Son was Johnny Blue my dad.

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